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Voltron: The 30th Anniversary
The year-long 30th anniversary celebration is upon us!
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30th Anniversary News
Breaking news and discussion on all things Voltron 30!
Re: Lions and Pilots and Bots...Do... (Princess AlluraP)
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Everything on Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Voltron: Legendary Defender
News and discussion on the animated series "Voltron: Legendary Defender". Season one now streaming on Netflix, with season two to premiere later this year.
Re: Playmates Toys announces new V... (Princess AlluraP)
Voltron Force
Everything on the new series Voltron Force
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Voltron Force
Breaking news and discussion on the new animated series Voltron Force on Nicktoons, Netflix and iTunes.
Re: Episode 2 : "Defenders of Arus... (bluechip)
Voltron - Lion Force
Everything on Classic Voltron
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Voltron - Lion Force (1984)
talk here about your favorite 80's cartoon - Golion-Voltron Defender of the Universe
Power Rangers VS Voltron (Ant)
Voltron Comics - Robotech / Voltron
A brand new comic universe of Voltron is coming in December from Dynamite Entertainment featuring covers by Alex Ross! Join us for discussion and debate of this exciting new world of Voltron from writer Brandon Thomas and artist Ariel Padilla!
Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
Post you comments and ideas for the new site...
Voltron: The Videogame XBLA / PSN
Join the designers and producers of the game from THQ here!
Toys, Memorabilia and other Voltron stuff...
Show us you pictures of Voltron toys. Talk about Toynami and the Master Piece edition.
Re: Help identifying Voltron set? (AlcyoneSong)
The DVD's
Lets keep all the DVD chatter in here...
Fan Artwork and Photo Galleries
Lets put all of our fan art...and maybe a photo of ourselves in here... Have fun with the photo gallery feature.
Re: VV Rocky, Jeff, and Ginger dra... (bluechip)
Fanfiction: The Good, The Bad, and the "Wait, what?""
Discuss your favorite fanfic, promote your own, share ideas. WARNING: Free-range Plot Bunnies ahead!
Voltron - Vehicle Voltron
Everything on Vehicle Voltron
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Voltron - Vehicle Force
talk here about your favroite 80's cartoon Dairugger XV-Voltron Defender of the Universe (and DONT call it car-force!)
Re: As much as I would like to ran... (Viceroy Throk)
Voltron - Voltron: The Third Dimension
Everything on Voltron: The Third Dimension Series
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Voltron: The Third Dimension
Voltron - the Third Dimension (it wasn't that bad... was it?)
Re: V3D is Better Than... (Princess AlluraP)
Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
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RULES: Dont' cuss (too much) , Don't flame (too much) , Don't troll (too much)
Working on all the new Voltron products and events doesn't give me much time to patrol the boards. If more than two people email me about your behavior your suspended until further notice.
How To : do stuff on the new forum
So your signature is a little messed up... lets see if we can fix it...
Everything Voltron
Everything Voltron
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Voltron - Products
Comic Book, Toys, (dare i say DVD?) and more... what you all think
Voltron - Everything else
"I'll take potporri for $200, Alex" - anything else... even un-voltron related if it doesnt warrant banning (see rules and regulations)
Re: Comic Con(s) (KiethBlackLion)
Denver, Saber Rider, Vytor and other WEP Properties
Here is where you can post about other World Events shows like Denver the Last Dinosaur and more!
Re: I finally watched its pilot a ... (Ant)
Now Entering Castle Doom!
This is where the enemies of Arus hang out- enter at your own risk!
Voltron LV Shippers/Pairings
K&A, L&A, PL&A - its all right here! Post your comments about your favorite Voltron Lion Force pairing. (topics on original Lion Voltron and Voltron Force are welcome)
Re: Shiro/Allura (AlcyoneSong)
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